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As a charity we are dependent on volunteers to help us accomplish our objectives and plans.

Our volunteers bring their skills, time, effort and passion to realise our plans.

We welcome you to join us and grow as a person and professional.

Here are some of our volunteers:

MCS Academy is enabled by a volunteer team of facilitators & trainers who bring years of diverse experience to our workshops.

Colin Tan is an adult educator, facilitator and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in training delivery, process facilitation, course development, organisational learning and development. His career spans the manufacturing, services and consultancy industry, taking on roles that include business development, corporate services, training and organisation development. He has conducted training in customer experience strategy, customer engagement, leadership, management, coaching, innovation, design thinking and personal skills. He has facilitated focus groups, community sharing, citizens workgroups, engagement sessions and strategic planning for organisations in public, private and people sector. He is recognised by the Institute for Adult Learning as a Specialist Adult Educator for his extensive experience in adult education and curriculum development. He is a Certified Competent Facilitator with the International Institute for Facilitation. Colin holds a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development and a Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education.

Sasi Kumar

Sasi Kumar is responsible for designing and delivering learning activities that help individuals develop communication, problem-solving and other essential skills. Sasi has extensive experience working with diverse groups, including students and community organizations. He is known for his energetic and engaging facilitation style, which helps participants to feel comfortable and motivated to learn.


Wendy Goh

Wendy Goh brings over 25 years of hands-on learning & organisation development (L & OD) expertise accumulated from her roles at UOB Bank, M1, Starhub and ABN AMRO Bank. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, she was Country Head of Learning for ABN AMRO Singapore and Regional L & OD Head at ABN AMRO Private Bank.

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Woon Cheun

Lew Woon Cheun is a professional with over 15 years working in building & construction, legal firms and recently in an institution of higher learning. Her training and expertise are primarily in intellectual property management, technology investment and research management as well as strategic technology road-mapping.

A passionate advocate for positive change, Woon Cheun’s interests gravitate towards orchestrating impactful facilitation and networking sessions that serve a good cause.

Dorcas Low

Dorcas Low is an experienced professional with 14 years of experience in investment and policy formulation. She is passionate about the field of financial literacy and believes in empowering people with financial knowledge and planning. She advocates that financial literacy starts from young, and as early as that one could possibly manage.

She also has a keen interest and passion in helping her stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes through facilitation of ideas in engagement sessions (English/Mandarin, Physical or virtual facilitation). Her previous experience includes facilitation for strategic planning sessions, as well as being involved in National Conversations.

Juanita Mega

Juanita Mega approaches training in the belief that every person learns differently, and as such, she is able to craft for the clients, various training interventions to meet the unique needs and learning styles of a diverse group of learners.

In her previous roles, she has trained internal teams on various topics such as sales, customer service, communication, and leadership. She has also co-facilitated in some team-building activities and provided coaching and feedback to employees to enhance their skills and performance.

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Dharia Mallareddy

Dharia Mallareddy is a wealth management specialist and has shared management of personal finances with over 300 young adults since the time she has joined the industry. What she does for people around her comes not just from professional training but also personal experience. Since the diagnosis of her chronic illness, she has learnt many things the hard way. She has explored, researched and failed many times, before she found what truly works to attain holistic well-being. She writes about health and wellness, and practices nutrition therapy in her free time and hopes to tie health and finance together to ensure young adults maintain a good balance between hustle and personal well-being. She is also trained and equipped with mindfulness-based stress reduction (certified) techniques and has been involved in several volunteering programs where the attainment of socio-emotional learning and enhancement of mental well-being is the primary objective.

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Tina Wong

Tina Wong has always enjoyed learning, up-skilling and attending workshops. She now advocates learning as an ACLP certified adult educator. She believes in building stronger teams, improving decision-making abilities and boosting morale.

She has extensive work experience in the real estate and retail industry comprising market research and consultancy, business development, sales and marketing in corporate leasing as well as retail operations. She had been supporting the organisations she previously worked in, mentoring colleagues, organising team building and bonding activities and also in-house training and development programmes.

Tina is passionate about Six Bricks, a learning through play concept for all ages that develops cognitive strengths. She is also a sustainability advocator and has been actively facilitating textile sustainability workshops.

Raymond Lim

Raymond Lim is a professional quantity surveyor with work experiences both locally and overseas. He manages construction development projects and is also an in-house trainer for behavioural safety training.

Raymond is an ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) and possess ACLP and Six Bricks certification. He strongly believes in incorporating guided play into facilitation and learning.

Dileep Mahbubani

Dileep Mahbubani, with over three decades of experience, epitomizes the philosophy of Heraclitus: “Change is the only constant in life.” A seasoned professional, he’s made transformative strides in Safety, Aviation, Education, and Logistics, showcasing adept leadership across multi-cultural and cross-functional teams.

As the driving force behind Changi’s Airside Safety Induction Briefing (ASIB), Dileep excelled in briefing and assessing over 9,000 personnel from diverse roles. This initiative not only underscores his unparalleled ability to simplify complex concepts but also demonstrates his flair for interactive and effective knowledge transfer—a skill nurtured by seasoned aviation professionals.

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For befriending those once released from Changi Prison.

We need more volunteers as we are receiving more inmates from Prison to provide our services.

Befriending Service

Volunteers will e-letter write, call or visit inmates in Prison before they are released. You will befriend inmates to help them reintegrate into society. Training will be provided.

Please come forward to help in this noble cause to a vulnerable group in our community.

Please email your name and contact number to admin@mcs.org.sg

You can find out more about MCS at our website on https://www.mcs.org.sg



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